Think to buy a new car is very exciting. Buying a new car is not a easy job but make it easy. However buying a car at some point in time is a reality that we all have to face even i face. here this article may help you to save money, get best deals and helpful to you to reducing stress before buy a new car.

Tips Before Buying A New Car

1. Determine Your Budget : Before buying a new car, it's important to think about your monthly budget, and how your new car will fit in your budget.According to USA TODAY, the average new car price is around $37,000, with the average new car buyer paying around $550 a month with loan terms of 69 months. you should also think about auto insurance, fuel,parking and maintenance.

2. Find the Right Vehicle : After you have idea of your budget, you can look for vehicles which can fit your needs and lifestyle. you also think about how many people you have carry, and how much room space you need. if you have your old car so think what do you like and don't like in your current car. for example, if you need power than buy high horsepower car.

3. Know The Car Buying Process : You should know about how to buy car, how cars are priced and how to negotiate a great deal. some online website from there you can get information. that information give you confidence when you are discussing with car dealer. you will know when to push back and when to walk.

4. Get a Preapproved Loan : If you want to buy a car from loan, than one of most important tips is to get a preapproved auto loan before get auto dealership. by applying to at least one local bank, credit union, you can get an offer that a dealer will have to meet or beat to get your business.

5. Look For Deals : when any car is not selling well in market, automakers offer to encourage sales. These offers may include cash back, interest rates that are lower than you will find other places. taking advantage of it and save thousands INR RS.

6. Look For Previous Model Years : Usually automakers make very few changes between new and old model. If you think there is no more changes in new and old model than buy previous year model and save your money. Automakers also give some offers on previous year model that can help you.

7. Test Drive Is Best Way : A test drive is a very common part of any new or used car purchased. the first think you want to do is make sure that you can get comfortable in vehicle and feel safety. most dealers have pre-planned test drive routes, so you will want to find opportunities to drive on that road where you drive daily.

8. Shop Around : One of the best ways to get a good deal on a new or used car is to shop at several dealership. even if only one dealership of a specific brand in your area, you should expand the geographic territory for your car shopping to include at least one more.

9. Compare Prices : You can search for and request pricing on any make, model or year of car. you may get a slew of phone calls, emails, and texts from dealers immediately after, but having information form different dealerships can help you negotiate prices.

10. Know Your Rights : For any new or used car, take the time to get familiar with the warranty package and return policies. you should know about guarantee and warranty of your car. you should also know Do you need to supplement the warranty? Is there a lemon law in your state?

This may help you to buy a new car.

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