Driving in other country can be a stressful experience, specially when you are on the left hand side of the car driving on the right side of the road.Things like speed limit, traffic lights and stop sign are some common rules in all over the world. From fines for dirty cars to legal drink driving, there are some pretty crazy driving laws around the world.We all know that driving rules and regulations are most important to follow but there are some crazy rules that are just unbelievable.

Here are some country and their interesting driving laws.

Asia : We will begin our tour with world's Crazy driving laws by examining some rules in Asian                     countries.

➤ Never travel topless in Thailand. This applies to men and women and all motorists whether you          are driving a bike, car or other vehicles.

➤ In Manila, Philippines, you cannot drive on Mondays if your number plate ends in a 1 or 2.

America : The biggest list of crazy driving laws comes from America, because it's such a big                               Country, a lot of comes from California. in California it is illegal,

➤ To drive wearing a dressing gown if you are a woman.

➤ To use road as a bed.

In other states of America 

➤ In Alaska, you are not allowed to tie a dog to the roof of your vehicle.

➤ You can not drive a camel on the highway in Nevada. 

➤ It is illegal to drive blindfolded in Alabama. it is good to keep this fact in mind, just incase you           forget.

➤ In Massachusetts, it is illegal to drive with a gorilla in the backseat of your car.

➤ You cannot spit from a moving car in Mariette, Georgia, but you can spit from moving truck.

➤ It is against the law in Oklahoma to read a comic book while driving.

➤ You can not consecutively drive around the town square more than 100 times in Ohio.

Europe : As crazy as the rules are in America like this in Europe Also.

➤ In Switzerland, you can not wash your car on a Sunday.

➤ It is illegal to eat or drink anything while driving in Cyprus.

➤ Cleanliness is close to Godliness in Moscow where you can be slapped with a fine for having a           dirty car.

➤ It is legal requirement in France for you to carry your own brethalyser.

➤ In typical German Fashion, your car must be a efficient and it is strictly illegal to stop or break           down for any reason on the autobahn.

South Africa : In south Africa animals have the same right to the roads as motorists do. Drivers face heavy fines of up to $500 if they do not slow or stop their car.

so, here are some rules are unbelievable. It's interesting.

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