The most powerful production engine resides in a Bugatti Chiron. The most fuel-efficient engine takes residence in a Volkswagen XL1. we rounded up what we believed were the best engines not necesssarily the most powerful or advanced, but engines made an impact on the automotive landscape. some on this list were made for 70 years, and some were produced for less than a decade.

                  These are what many people believe to be the 10 most significant production car engines ever made. there are many other great engines which are not fit in this list. so here top 10 engines at bottom page.

1. THE VOLKSWAGEN AIR-COOLED FLAT-FOUR : During its daunting seventy year production run between 1936-2006, VW made somewhere between 20 and 30 milloin of these little engines. ingeniously simple, these compact and lightweight engines can be fixed with basic hand tools, and parts are available around the world.

2. JAGUAR XK STRAIGHT SIX : This engines that made Jaguar. Before the introduction of the world-beating XK 6 engine, the British marque was a middling also run. the engine propelled to jaguar between 1951 and 1957. this engine production for 43 years, until 1992.

3. CHEVROLET SMALL-BLOCK V8 : The small block Chevrolet is the definitive American V8. It was introduced in 1955 and it has made over 100 million small-block V8 engines. The pushrod V8 was easy to work on, and easy to modify for more power. Modern drag racers have been able to squeeze more than 2,000 horsepower from this engine.

4. FORD FLATHEAD V8 : The Ford "flatty" was not the first V8, or even the first V8 that was easily affordable to the masses. It was introduced in 1932, it remained in production in the U.S. until 1953 and in German trucks until 1973.

5. DUESENBERG STRAIGHT EIGHT : The Duesenberg J cannot be anything but the greatest American classic car ever made. The 6.9L engines was made in three versions between 1928 and 1937. The naturally this version made an impressive 265 horsepower.

6. FERRARI "COLOMBO" V12 : A mechanical howl with the valves punctuating little staccatos on each cylinder firing - it's the shriek of an old Ferrari V12. the pistons barely two incjes in diameter! it grew in many iterations to an ultimate size of 4.9L in the Ferrari 412, but it gained fame in the 250 GTO, 365 GTB/4 and many more models.

7. MOPAR STREET HEMI : The hemi name is derived from its hemispherical combustion chambers. the hemi lived in production cars for just five years between 1966 and 1971. in the end, emissions regulations and unleaded gas conspried to kill off the Hemi, and it never returned.

8. CUMMINS 6BT : The Cummins 6BT was launched in 1984 but didn't see the engines bay of a road-legal vehical until 1989. The 6BT displaces 5.9 L and weighs 500 kg fully assembled. Boosted by a Holset turbocharger, output ranged between 160 and 210 horsepower.

9. HONDA B-SERIES : The Honda B series is essentially the engine that started the craze with modifying Hondas. high-output versions of the Honda B could be found in the engine was the first production unit to eclipse 100 hp per litre.

10. CHRYSLER SLANT SIX 1959 1987 : The learning tower of power! Chrysler's slant six was canted 30- degrees to one side to afford stylists a lower hoodline. the slant makes a distinct sound at idle because it had a solid- lifer camshaft until 1983; about 20 years after most had abandoned the technology.

                                                                                                                        -ENZO FERRARI

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