Let's start with this: What is most important feature a car is need to driving in snow? you say all! so, i try to give you some useful tips for driving in snow.it is challening for most experienced drivers in best vehicles. both ice and snow reduce the amount of traction you have, making it harder to get moving, steer and stop. let's start.

(1) Drive Super Smoothly : The best way for safe driving in snow is being smooth with steering wheel, accelerator, and brakes.because with jerky movements tires gets slippey on that roads.

(2) Look far ahead : you have to think what you need to do next. slow down where turns are come. allow double stooping distance when the road is wet, triple on snow, and even more ice.

(3) consider winter tires : in snow road is slippey. so you must have winter tires. quality of winter tier is tread and rubber compounds and with extra grip.

(4) Heed the Flash lights : If you are accelerating in a straight line and this light is blinking, this is stability control system warning you that the wheels that drive the car are slipping.

(5) Go slow : you will want to drive even more modestly and smoothly to succeed in snow. you will want to plan slow, wide turns more than your front whhels into snowboards.

(6) Clear your vision : Before you drive a snow covered car, you must clear your window and roof. driving a car with ice covered is not only denger but also illegal in many places.

(7) Check the grip : if you are not confident to drive in snow it's good idea to find empty parking lot and than practice snow driving techniques.

(8) use your anti lock brakes this way; if you are fail to stop car as quickly as possible in snow it's time to engage the help of your cat's anti lock system (ABS).

(9) Use right mode: many cars, trucks and SUVs have snow mode. so snow mode on that road.by using snow mode you are giving little heads up to vehicle as what's going on.

(10) Chain up tiers : In some areas where climate is change you need to carry chains into mountains even you have proper winter tiers.

Hope you like this information.

Thank you.

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